Dermatology Skin Care

Skin being the largest and most visible part of the body, is the reason why proper skin care is essential for every individual; one can simply take care of their skin by doing daily skin care regimens, or in some cases of skin problems doing it the dermatological way. Dermatology skin care involves soliciting the help of skin experts or dermatologists to treat certain skin problems such as severe acne, rash, rosacea, varicose veins and other skin disorders.

Nonetheless, even persons who simply want to have a beautiful, healthy, younger looking skin can also consult dermatologists as dermatology skin care is one of the most effective ways of pampering and caring for the skin. After all, dermatologists are specialists who know more about your skin than you do.

Dermatology skin care usually entails specialized diagnostic processes linked to skin conditions, treatments and preventions of various skin diseases, as well as the expertise in caring for normal skin. Dermatology skin care, depending on the circumstance, may involve treatments such as injected, externally applied, and internal medications; a variety of dermatologic surgical procedures; or cosmetic procedures like chemical peels, micro-dermabrasion, and sclerotherapy for conditions such as varicose veins.

When choosing a dermatologist to perform ones dermatology skin care, make sure that he or she has been medically qualified in all areas including licensure examinations. Aside from those dermatologists privately practicing in their own clinics, other dermatologist practice in hospitals and vary according to position and years of experience such as Specialist Registrar in dermatology, subspecialist, general practitioners with specialist interest, and more. Asking referrals from general practitioners is also advisable, especially if one does not know of a particular dermatologist.

Dermatology skin care nowadays has been more popular with those who want to have more gorgeous, radiant, and clear looking skin. In most cases, people who have gone tired of using skin care products that don’t work for them. Although a little more expensive than buying specialized skin care products from what’s available in the market, dermatology skin care has more advantage over them. Apart from the expertise and knowledge of a skilled doctor, these dermatology skin care clinics also have exclusive products especially designed for the needs of patients and clients.

Dermatology skin care can be one of the best options for more guaranteed healthy, great looking skin, as well as the faster way to get significant results. For those who want to do away with the hassle of looking for skin care products that would suit them, dermatology skin care may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Just How Safe Is Skin Needling?

Some individuals refer to Micro Needling as Skin Needling, and Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), and it involves utilising a portable skin roller which has numerous, greatly pointed needles on the surface area of your skin. This skin needling roller has needles from 1mm – 3 mm in length, and the micro leaks only penetrate the topmost layer of your skin.

How does it work?

micro needling with Dermapen and similar devices activates the skin’s natural healing process by punching microscopic holes unto the skin that assists in creating collagen and elastin.

The little wound stimulates collagen in the top layer of your skin and breaks a few of the blood vessels directly under the surface of the skin. Due to the blood clot, this creates the correct environment for collagen and elastin development. It is those crucial elements which help with the pores and skin to show rejuvenated.

Is it safe?

Now the process may sound a little drastic, but the microneedle therapy method happens on a microscopic level, and the external injury effect is minimal Use of micro needling will include utilising agents to numb the pores and skin so that the treatment might be performed with little discomfort. It is not uncomfortable, it, in fact, feels like a tingling feeling.

Micro Needle therapy with a derma roller can be carried out on all skin types and colours, including sensitive skin. You will delight in thicker, tighter and smoother skin, along with increased blood flow to areas of faulty healing, the lessened look of scars (consisting of acne) and fine lines and increased penetration of serums and moisturisers. Additional results can incorporate minimised stretch marks and loss of hair. Micro-needling can be repeated every 6-8 weeks as long as the epidermis is recovered; however, collagen development can continue for up to 12 months after one treatment.

Directions for reliable Micro Needle Therapy

Tidy your skin thoroughly, then apply your preferred anti-aging cream. Utilizing mild pressure, roll it over each area of the face vertically, then horizontally 4 or 5 times in each instruction. You need to try to use it once or twice weekly till the skin is conditioned. You can continue using Dermapen for wrinkles and scars for about 3 to 5 times a week for optimal results.


Professional Skin Care Tips According To Your Skin Type

Who wouldn’t want to have a smooth, flawless skin features? Everyone, particularly women, is crazy about having a beautiful skin. That is why so many beauty treatments and products are widely available today to meet the increasing demand of beauty fanatics for means that can give or help them maintain their young and gorgeous skin.

However, beauty treatments and products do not always have the same effect on women and men. In fact, finding the best skin care treatment and product may take time. Skin experts also recommend the use of treatments and products based on a person’s skin type.

The five skin types, which are normal, oily, sensitive, dry, and combination of dry and oily skin, require proper skin care recommendations, as each type has different reactions with various skin enhancement treatments and products.

Below are professional skin care recommendations for each type of skin conditions that will best guide beauty-conscious individuals on choosing which beauty tips, treatments, and products will work best for their skin type:

1. Dry skin
When your skin is dry, it basically needs a lot of thorough care, for it is very sensitive to irritation, facial lines, and flaking. You should focus on keeping your face properly moisturized. Skin care products containing natural ingredients are the highly recommended product treatments for dry skin. Perfect examples of these natural skin care products are the ones with extra-virgin, coconut oil, and shea butter ingredients.

Washing the face with herbal infusion and cleansing milk is a better way of cleaning the face instead of using tap water. Remember that your dry skin will look smoother and healthier if proper care and maintenance are practiced.

2. Oily skin
Oily skin needs to be frequently hydrated and oil free. If you happen to have an oily skin, you must wash your face at least two to three times a day. Regular treatments for acne are also a must. As for recommended skin care products, a mild soap and moisturizer are perfect for oily skin. Masks are also great moisturizing options for their hydrating and drying ingredients. It is best to apply such facial mask once or twice a week to keep the face well hydrated.

3. Normal skin
Lucky are those gifted with normal skin as it is the least problematic type. However, a normal skin feature still needs to be regularly moisturized, nourished, and cleansed. Top recommended treatment for natural skin is washing the face with rose water or an alcohol-free astringents. Moisturizers for this type of skin condition should be mild and non-greasy. Always wash your face before going to bed, using a mild soap, then finishing it off with a nourishing cream.

4. Sensitive skin
A sensitive skin is probably the most complicated skin type. It needs constant and thorough care as it is always irritated and dry. If you have a sensitive skin, maintain a steady consumption of yogurt, protein, and fatty acids.

5. Combination skin
Having a combination skin type is difficult to manage as it requires two different skin care approaches. Properly maintaining skin care regimen for both dry and oily skin types is necessary to keep a healthy and smooth skin feature.